Musical Theatre Camp For Kids


The Performers Theatre Workshop is pleased to offer a junior arts summer education, kids musical theatre camp and performing arts program for young students. From kids dance classes, to voice and acting classes, these three-week long, kid-friendly performing arts and summer musical theater programs will help your child develop self-confidence and creativity in a fun, foundational, performance-oriented environment.

Dance Classes

PTW’s dance program takes a complete approach to dance education, encompassing terminology and technique, underscored by spatial awareness, coordination, rhythm, phrasing and stylistic versatility. Our kid’s summer dance camp is tailored to young pupils—from tap dancing to hip-hop, ballet and modern dance, each class is taught in a manner appropriate to the age and experience of its students.

Kids Tap Dance Classes

Young tap dancers are taught coordination, timing and basic vocabulary—cornerstones of the foundation on which more advanced tap dancing techniques are built. A diverse selection of music accompanies the lessons, sustaining interest and enthusiasm. We’re privileged that our tap dance faculty includes some of New York and New Jersey’s best tap dancers and teachers, who help make our kids dance camp an unforgettable experience.

Kids Hip Hop Dance Classes

Performers Theatre Workshop’s hip hop dance classes introduce young students to hip hop dancing—one of the many styles of commercial dance taught at PTW. Classes begin with warm-ups that develop technique, improve flexibility and increase strength. As students advance, across-the-floor progressions are introduced, allowing for the precise execution of footwork, and the formation of each student’s personal expression of style.

Kids Ballet and Modern Dance Classes

PTW’s kid’s ballet and modern dance classes help dance camp students form an understanding of primary dancing positions, eventually integrating advanced positions and combinations. To ensure the successful application and progression of technical skills, students are taught dance vocabulary, and trained at the barre, in the center, and on the floor. Young students benefit greatly from the developing body awareness, which provides them the ability to move gracefully, not only through their dance training but through everyday life.

Voice Classes

PTW’s voice classes form the core of our Broadway summer camp program. Our expert teachers help students carefully shape their voices through group and one-on-one instruction, allowing young singers and voice actors to safely develop their abilities.

Vocal Warm Up

A great Broadway performance requires correct vocal technique. PTW’s voice teachers understand that young voices are still developing, and as such, provide clear vocal warm up instructions, focusing on resonance, breathing, and safe projection, allowing students to be heard without undue strain.

Broadway and Pop Songs

Our summer musical theater students learn to apply their burgeoning skills in the structure of a Broadway-style rehearsal. Classes select a musical theater genre and are taught how best to utilize their multi-tiered disciplines in a performance that prepares students to work professionally. Pop and rock voice lessons place heavy emphasis on maintaining strong, healthy vocal cords, through thorough instruction on resonance, projection, diction and phrasing.Acting Classes

Acting Classes

What makes PTW’s children’s musical theatre camp one of the best acting camps in New Jersey? Our acting classes and drama lessons teach young actors to develop their characters through in-depth, inner exploration, allowing for authentic outward expression. Our highly-skilled acting teachers utilize time-proven techniques appropriate to the age, experience and skill level of the students.

Performers Theatre Workshop offers a wide range of acting classes, including acting and drama lessons for beginning students, TV program, television commercial and film classes, comedy improv, and improvisation lessons, and monolog preparation.

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