Review from Karen

KAREN has been a PTW student for 13 years. She has appeared on ABCs daytime hit, "All My Children" and is represented by Neiderlitz and Steele Agency. Karen has also attended NYUs CAP 21 Studio.

I've taken dance at a lot of other places. Everywhere I go, the staff doesn't compare. I mean, it's "the best of the best" here. A lot of them are out of New York or have been trained in New York, or have trained with "the greats". A lot of the teachers I've had have studied with lots of different people: Buster Brown, Honey Coles and Tommy Tune--all "the greats". I think it just rubs right off on us.

As far as Howard and Esther always went, I mean, they're musical geniuses beyond compare. I think that we've just benefited so much from the opportunities that they had to learn from great people.

PTW has given me more than just the confidence to get on stage but the confidence to walk into a room and be sure of who you are, and what is going to come out of your mouth. Coming up next year, I'll be auditioning for colleges, and this summer I auditioned for a number of summer programs. I think that it gives you the security that you know you are going to walk in there proud to be who you are, and you're just going to present yourself as who you are. I think it carries out of theatre, just as simple as having everything with you when you need it, not forgetting to bring your tape recorder, or your costumes. I think that's a great thing about this school. It offers training, but at the same time, it's a lot of fun. It's great to have friends that have the same love that you do.

I think one thing I learned, especially in troupe, was group responsibility and camaraderie. That it's not about one person. It's not about three people. It's really about a troupe. The troupe blends everything that you take from your different classes, and it meshes into one, from the song interp. to the voice, to the acting, to the dance.

Howard will write different arrangements to whatever it is that we are working on. We just did a "Sweet Georgia Brown" medley. It gives you a great sense of working as a group. I think you really strengthen some bonds, and you learn a huge sense of responsibility. We serve as a representation for the school in almost any opportunity to perform.

"I've been a student here for almost 13 years. I take jazz, tap, on occasion ballet, song interpretation, acting voice, private tap, private voice, and I'm a member of the Teen Troupe. I think I was always a ham and my mother knew that. We had heard about it from friends that lived around me that said "Well there's this nice little place Performers Theatre Workshop". And I haven't left since."


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