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Your child can reach their full potential at PTW.
Our expert faculty will engage & teach your child with knowledge, care and passion.


PTW students have graduated from Colleges and Universities such as: 

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At PTW, we are happy to be able to meet the needs of every performer. If you or your child are looking to grow in multiple areas at once, we are able to teach combination private lessons. Students can take any combination of private lessons, including private guitar lessons, private piano lessons, private voice lessons, private songwriting lessons, private guitar lessons, and/or private music theory lessons. All private lessons are catered to the individual student, focusing on their specific strengths and opportunities for growth.


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PTW In Action

PTW In Action “That’s PTW” Sung by PTW students!

Our Artistic Community Becomes A Theatre Home For Life

Our Artistic Community Becomes A Theatre Home For Life

I Love PTW

I Love PTW

Testimonials from PTW students!

<strong>Our Supportive, Non-Competitive Environment</strong>

Our Supportive, Non-Competitive Environment

Testimonials & Music Video

Our Expert, Caring Faculty at PTW

Our Expert, Caring Faculty

Testimonials & Music Video!

Our Expert, Caring Faculty at PTW

Welcome to PTW!  

“The talent of the teachers here is amazing. It’s an honor to work with them. They give such individual attention, it’s great.”

-Jennifer K., South Orange, NJ
12-year-old PTW Student


Welcome to Performers Theatre Workshop

New Jersey’s Premier Performing Arts School For Young People

Where children learn to act, dance, sing and
play music -- and reach their full potential!


  • Study with stars of Broadway, Film and TV
  • Act, dance, sing and play music ‘under one roof’
  • Attend for fun or for a career on stage
  • Make meaningful connections and friends for life


At PTW,  expert faculty train the total performer
in a non-competitive, caring environment.


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PTW founders and teachers have graduated from:


PTW founders and teachers have performed on Broadway, Film & TV in:

Are we the right choice for your child?


PTW students are as varied as the course selection we offer, but they share a love of theatre and the arts. With over 57 classes to choose from, we can help you find the perfect fit for your child’s passion, skill, interests and goals.


“Is PTW for children who want to be professional?”
“Can my child just go for fun?”
“Will my child learn and grow?”


The answer is yes to all 3! We can help your child achieve their ambitions whether they want to:
  • Star on Broadway
  • Work in Film or TV
  • Get a part in the school musical or play
  • Build self-confidence
  • Simply experience the joy of theatre and the arts

We’ve spent over 30 years building a warm, supportive, culturally rich community where children of all ages and levels can find friendship, confidence and skills they will use for a lifetime.

Based in Maplewood New Jersey, we have students from Essex, Morris and Union County, and elsewhere throughout the state. PTW is now one of the foremost performing arts schools in New Jersey and the entire New York Metropolitan area.

Flexible Payment Plans

Your choice of simple, easy ways to pay.

We believe every child should have the chance to follow their performing dreams. We provide flexible payment plans so that parents can afford to give their child access to training without having to pay everything at once. You can spread your payments out and choose your payment dates so you always feel in control.


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PTW alumni have become successful in all aspects of life, in many diverse professions and have attributed much of their success to the training, work ethic and self-confidence received at Performers Theatre Workshop . What’s more, many parents and students comment on the true sense of family at PTW that they haven’t experienced in other performing arts programs. As one student said: 

"Everyone works together to make the whole performance better, and everyone is made to feel important at PTW."

We would love to welcome your child into the PTW theatre family and help them on their own creative journey. Simply, click the button below to get in touch and find out more about what we offer your child.


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We would love to welcome your child into the PTW theatre family and help them on their own creative journey.

Simply click a button below to get in touch and find out more about what we offer your child.

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